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Silver Check Hair Cream

Silver Check Hair Cream
Product Use : Silver Check grey hair cream colours grey hair back to a natural looking colour.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Silver Check Pty. Ltd.

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1 bottle of Silver Check Hair Cream 150ml USD $17.70  
2 bottles of Silver Check Hair Cream 150ml USD $34.80  
3 bottles of Silver Check Hair Cream 150ml USD $51.75  
5 bottles of Silver Check Hair Cream 150ml USD $85.50  
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Information - Silver Check Hair Cream

Silver Check Hair Cream is not a dye, the cream works with the hair's natural chemicals to create a natural looking colour.
Silver Check Hair Cream gets rid of grey hair the same way you got it i.e. gradually.
There is no sudden colour change, so people will just notice how much younger you look.
Silver Check gets rid of grey hair the same way as you got it, gradually. It turns grey hair golden brown - then day by day medium brown, then dark brown to black if desired.
When your hair reaches the shade you desire, usually within two to three weeks, use Silver Check less often to maintain the colour (once or twice a week is sufficient for most people).

  • Shampoo your hair before first application.
  • Dry well.
  • Apply Silver Check with your fingers and massage it well into the grey areas.
  • Do not wash Silver Check from your hair; it is a leave in product.
  • Style your hair as usual, use a hair dryer if desired.
  • Apply daily, we recommend shampooing your hair only two or three times a week or as necessary to prevent excess product build up
  • Apply Silver Check most frequently at temples.

  • Silver Check contains a small amount of sulphur, which can discolor some types of metals.
  • Avoid contact with jewellery however, if tarnishing does occur, simply use a commercial metal cleaner.

    Important Notes
  • As Silver Check is not a dye; it will not run or colour your clothes, nor will you have a flat all over dyed look, but rather natural looking colour with highlights and tones.
  • Do not use any other hair dyes when using Silver Check. If you have previously coloured your hair, make sure that you have washed your hair well (2-3 times) before using Silver Check for the first time.
  • Perms :- If you are perming your hair avoid perms, which use neutralizers containing a strong bleaching action as these remove colour from the hair.
  • Wash your hair most thoroughly before perming to remove all traces of Silver Check and again most thoroughly after your perm to remove all perm solutions before resuming use of Silver Check.
  • Silver Check is well-proven. It is perfectly safe used as directed. Use on hair of the scalp only.
  • Do not use while you have any skin disorder, rash, cuts or abrasions.
  • Wash nails well after use.
  • Keep away from children.

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