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Foot Care


Actifresh Foot Spray
Kills the bacteria that cause foot odour. Continuously works to prevent foot odour returning. PediTech Actifresh is an effective New Generation treatment that eliminates foot odour. Its patented 7-day protection formula is not only guaranteed to stop foot odour, but also works to prevent odour from returning.?
Canesten Bifonazole Once Daily
Canesten Bifonazole Once Daily provides effective treatment for fungal skin conditions such as tinea, athletes foot, ring worm, jock itch, and yeast infections of the skin which may include nappy rash, with one single daily application.
Canesten Topical Cream
Canesten Anti-fungal cream is a topical cream for the treatment of tinea and other fungal conditions.
Daktarin Antifungal
Daktarin is a broad spectrum anti-fungal treatment for the all types of fungal infections.
Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Balm
Ellgy Plus is a unique, intensive dual action moisturising system that is able to heal dry, rough and cracked heels and provide long-lasting moisturisation. Ellgy Plus is pH5.5, non-greasy or slippery. It is not urea based and is suitable for diabetics.
Eulactol Heel Balm Gold
A non-greasy heel balm to effectively restore dry, cracked heels with visible results in 3 days. This product has been clinically proven and dermatologically tested.
Grans Remedy For Smelly Feet and Footwear
Dusting Powder for smelly feet and footwear. A seven-day treatment that should give up to six months protection.
Lamisil Antifungal Cream 15g
Lamisil products are used to treat fungal (tinea) infections of the skin such as athletes foot, "jock itch", and ringworm, pityriasis and candida skin infections.
Neat Feat Arch Cushions
Neat Feat Arch Cushions provide support giving relief to foot, heel and lower back pain.
Neat Feat Foot Powder
Neat Feat Foot Powder is a preventitive remedy for foot and shoe odour.
Neat Feat Spur Pads
Neat Feat Spur Pads cradle and support sore heels caused by heel spur syndrome
Neat Feat Walk Straights
Neat Feat Walk Straights are designed to improve foot posture and relieve stress on your ankles.Neat Feat Walk Straights give your heels comfort while reducing uneven shoe wear.
Neat Feet Cool Foot Spray
Neat Feet Cool Foot Spray contains feet hygiene antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients. Gives immediate comfort to hot tired feet. This product is energising, cooling and refreshing.
Neat Feet Foot And Heel Balm
Neat Feet Foot And Heel Balm repairs damaged dry skin of the heel and foot.
Nodour Feet Odour Powder
Nodour Foot Odour Powder provides relief for smelly feet.
Wartner Plantar Removal System
Wartner Plantar Removal System for the removal of warts.


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