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Stress Relief


Bach Rescue Remedy
Assists the return to a more positive outlook when you need comfort and reassurance.
Blackmores Womens D- Stress 60 Tabs
Blackmores Women s D-Stress has been specifically designed for the 70% of women who suffer from stress. During times of stress the body produces adrenaline, which can lead to feelings of anxiousness. Women s D-Stress provides an important herb and essential nutrients that support the adrenal glands and contains nutrients that are in high demand in times of stress.
Comvita Royal Jelly Gel Capsules
Royal Jelly supports and assists the body's immune system, thereby helping the body to combat the effects of aging and stress.
Hairy Lemon Effervescent Tablets
Hairy Lemon for energy, recovery, stamina and endurance. Hairy Lemon contains B complex Forte, Vitamin C, Guarana and Ginseng.
Naturo Pharm Panicmed Relief Spray
Naturo Pharm Panicmed Relief Spray has been formulated to have beneficial calming properties that are settling for the mind and body.
Radiance Multi-Power Tabs
Radiance Multi-Power Tabs is an effective, energising multi vitamin and mineral formula.
Thompsons Ultra B High Potency - 60 Tablets
Ultra B may prove useful in a wide range of stress-related conditions, such as fatigue, colds and fluís, allergies, menstrual cycle irregularities, asthma, eczema and other skin conditions. Gastrointestinal problems resulting from stress, such as cramps, nausea may also find relief with this comprehensive formula.


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