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Radiance Vibactrin

Radiance Vibactrin
Product Use : Provides Herbal support for maintaining a strong healthy immune response to microbial stress.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Radiance
1 container of Radiance Vibactrin 30 soft gelsUSD $41.70
2 containers of Radiance Vibactrin 60 soft gelsUSD $82.08
3 containers of Radiance Vibactrin 90 soft gelsUSD $121.98
5 containers of Radiance Vibactrin 150 soft gelsUSD $201.00
Information - Radiance Vibactrin

Microorganisms are microscopic life forms, many of which are capable of causing infectious diseases. We are constantly surrounded and infiltrated by these microbes which have a critical influence on our health Vibactrin combines the power and synergy of six outstanding herbs: Olive leaf extract, elderberry fruit extract, oregano oil extract, Allisure™ (stabilised allicin extract of garlic), ImmunoEnhancer AG (arabinogalactan) and rosemary oil – all researched or known for their ability to support the immune system and it’s natural ability to function quickly and optimally during times of stress.


One softgel daily for mild infections or maintenance Two softgels daily for chronic, strong or resistant infections


Active Ingredients: 50mg Olive leaf extract, 50mg Elderberry fruit extract, 40mg Oregano oil extract, 40mg Allisurea, 10mg ImmunoEnhancer AG, 5mg Rosemary oil.

Important Notes

Not to be used in pregnancy or lactation, not recommended for children under 12 years. Not recommended for long term use (more than 8 weeks without a break).


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