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Nitrolingual Antianginal

Nitrolingual Antianginal
Product Use : Nitrolingual is a non aerosol spray that automatically delivers a metered dose of glyceryl trinitrate.
Classification : OTC Pharmacist Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH
Please note this product is a "Pharmacist Only" medicine. Before we can supply this product we are required to ask some standard questions, for review by our pharmacist, to ensure this is the correct product for your health needs.
1 Nitrolingual Antianginal 0.4mg PumpSpray250 dosesUSD $15.80
2 Nitrolingual Antianginal 0.4mg PumpSprays500 dosesUSD $31.16
3 Nitrolingual Antianginal 0.4mg PumpSprays750 dosesUSD $46.29
5 Nitrolingual Antianginal 0.4mg PumpSprays1250 dosesUSD $76.40
Information - Nitrolingual Antianginal

June 2015 Update: We are pleased to advise that, by popular demand, this product is now available again.

Nitrolingual is a non aerosol spray that automatically delivers a metered dose of glyceryl trinitrate every time you press the button. The quick absorption of the spray droplets gives you almost immediate relief from angina pain.


When angina occurs sit down and rest. While seated spray 1 or 2 puffs of the spray into your mouth (preferably under the tongue). Repeat this dose at 5 minute intervals. If angina is not relieved after three doses in 15 to 20 minutes call the ambulance. In circumstances or activities which you know will cause angina discomfort spray 1 or 2 puffs into your mouth. This should be done a few minutes before attempting the activity that triggers your angina.


Active Ingredient: 0.4mg glyceryl trinitrate per spray.

Important Notes

Do not use with Sildenafil (Viagra).


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