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Product Use : Nicobrevin is a 28-day course containing medicine which provides support whilst you are giving up smoking.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
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Information - Nicobrevin

Nicobrevin is a 28-day course of small, easy-to-take capsules containing a nicotine-free medicine which provides comprehensive therapeutic support whilst you are giving up smoking.

Nicobrevin is a mild, nicotine free medicine, which gradually lessens smoking withdrawal symptoms and enables smokers to quit immediately without distress and without putting more nicotine into their systems.

It contains no nicotine or other poisonous or addictive substances and so is neither addictive nor harmful to health. It works by calming the nerves and soothing the gastric system. It also clears the bronchial passages and improves breathing.

The recommended course is for 28 days only. The smoker throws away his or her cigarettes on the first day and should not smoke from that day. At the end of the 28 days, he or she has been a non-smoker and nicotine-free for that period and is well placed to continue as a non-smoker. There is no guarantee that you will remain a non-smoker without willpower and an absolute commitment to giving up.


On beginning your course, Smoke normally during the day and then take two capsules that first night before retiring and one capsule the following morning before breakfast.

For the first week take one capsule in the morning before breakfast, and two capsules in the evening before retiring.
In week two, take one capsule in the morning before breakfast, and one capsule in the evening before retiring.
In week three take one capsule in the evening before retiring.
In week Four take one capsule in the evening before retiring.


Nicobrevin has four active ingredients, as follows:
Menthyl Valerate 100mg - A mild sedative, which calms the nerves and relieves excitability, irritability and anxiety normally related to nicotine withdrawal.
Quinine 15mg - Alleviates the craving for cigarettes by means of an alpha-adrenergic blocking action. It is also a mild appetite suppressant.
Camphor 10mg - Improves breathing immediately and induces the secretion of mucus in the bronchial passages to loosen debris accumulated over years of smoking.
Oil of Eucalyptus 10mg - Also improves breathing immediately and acts as an expectorant and facilitates a productive cough to clear the bronchial passages of the debris-laden mucus.
Carminative Effect: The Menthol in the Menthyl Valerate, the Camphor and the Oil of Eucalyptus also have a carminative, or gastric soothing effect, and all three elements improve breathing dramatically.

Nicobrevin contains no nicotine or any other poisonous or addictive substances and is, thus, neither habit-forming nor harmful to health

Important Notes

Nicobrevin has no contraindications or precautions (other than not being recommended during pregnancy), no unpleasant side-effects, and no known adverse interactions with other medicines.

Most importantly, being nicotine-free, Nicobrevin may safely be used by those who have suffered a heart attack, a stroke, or who suffer from hypertension, angina, diabetes or any other ailment relating to the circulatory system.

As above, Nicobrevin is not recommended during pregnancy. However as there is no evidence to suggest that Nicobrevin may harm a foetus and much evidence to show that smoking will, Doctors may advise the use of Nicobrevin because it enables the woman to quit immediately, without distress, to the immediate benefit of the baby.


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