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Product Use : Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : PharmaLink
1 packet of Lyprinol 50 capsulesUSD $54.50
2 packets of Lyprinol 100 capsulesUSD $107.46
3 packets of Lyprinol 150 capsulesUSD $159.60
5 packets of Lyprinol 250 capsulesUSD $262.95
Information - Lyprinol

Lyprinol® is a unqiue marine lipid extract comprising a rare combination of lipid groups and unique Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that has been shown through clinical research to be an extremely potent anti-inflammatory. This unique marine product has been exposed to critical review by many research institutions world wide and is proven to have significant anti-inflammatory activity in vitro in inhibiting leukotriene synthesis and in vivo by markedly reducing the severity of adjuvant-induced poly arthritis in rat models. Various publications have been released confirming these results and the recent completion of a human double blind study conducted at the Glasgow Hospital in Scotland also confirmed these results. Leukotrienes are formed in the body via the lipoxygenase pathway and are responsible for initiating and extending the inflammatory process. The work carried out in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the University of Adelaide in Australia has clearly demonstrated that the stabilised marine lipid Lyprinol® is a powerful inhibitor of the 5-lipoxygenase pathway, thus its ability to markedly reduce the damaging effects of persistent inflammation that one may find in various allergic reactions including arthritis and other inflammatory disorders including inflammation of the respiratory airways. Since many of the currently used anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular the non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), function via the cyclo-oxygenase pathway, much recent international research and effort has gone into the development of inhibitors of the second major pathway, the lipoxygenase pathway. There is little doubt that Lyprinol® can provide a potent means of controlling and inhibiting the damage caused by the excesses of the body's inflammatory responses. In vivo studies undertaken at The University of Queensland in Australia tested the anti-arthritic properties of Lyprinol®. Using the standard model for evaluating the potency of anti-arthritic drugs, Lyprinol® was measured against its ability to reduce the swelling which occurs in adjuvant induced poly arthritis in rats. Published in the Journal "Inflammopharmacology". The results were dramatic, with Lyprinol® reducing joint swelling by 93% compared with untreated controls. Following these outstanding findings The University of Queensland scientists set out to compare Lyprinol® with two widely used anti-arthritic drugs, namely Indomethacin & Ibuprofen. When given orally at the same dose rate (5mg/kg body wt./day) Lyprinol® outperformed the drugs Indomethacin & Ibuprofen by a factor of 2:1. This was a staggeringly successful outcome for Lyprinol®. More recently a double blind clinical trial conducted at the West Glasgow Hospital University NHS Trust involving 60 patients, 30 of whom had classical rheumatoid arthritis and 30 with clinical & radiological evidence of osteoarthritis, showed outstanding results. Both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis patients showed a significant improvement with 76.7% of the rheumatoid and 70% of the osteoarthritic patients benefiting from the trial. If the drop-outs are excluded, then 79% of rheumatoid patients and 80% of osteoarthritic patients benefited. * The results from this paper have been published in the journal "Complementary Therapies in Medicine". (Sept. 1998) A similar pilot study conducted in Denmark showed that Lyprinol® dramatically decreased the level of pain in a 2-3 month period in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The study is currently being expanded. These findings prompted a series of further studies to evaluate Lyprinols ability compared with other health food products for which claims have been made in relation to their anti-arthritic properties. Lyprinol® was compared with Flax Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Salmon Oil and Max EPA (fish oil) in the adjuvant induced poly arthritis test system. Studies Whitehouse - Inflammopharmacology 1+2 On a dosage per body weight basis Lyprinol® is: 100 times more potent than Max EPA 125 times more potent than Green lipped mussel powder 175 times more potent than Evening Primrose Oil 175 times more potent than Salmon Oil 200 times more potent than Flax Oil in controlling the joint swelling associated with arthritis.


Initially take 2-4 capsules per day. 1-2 in the morning and 1-2 at night with meals for approximately 3-6 weeks after which the intake may be reduced to 1-2 capsules per day for joint care. We recommend this product should be taken for at least 8-12 weeks. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage. The daily level needed to obtain maximum effect can vary for each individual. Your body requires less to achieve full effect, temporary initial discomfort may occur if personal dosage is too high. In this case reduce to 1-2 capsules per day.

CHILDREN: 3 - 12 Years old. 3 capsules daily for 3 weeks and 1 or 2 thereafter with meals. It is recommended that pregnant women and children under 1 year should only use lyprinol after consultation with a doctor or Health practioner. Capsules should be consumed with or after meals with water.


Principal Ingredients per 260mg capsule: Natural mono-unsaturated Olive oil - 100mg; Lyprinol GLM pat.lipids (Eicosatetraenoic acid) - 50mg; Vitamin E (D-alpha-Tocepherol) as antioxidant - 0.225mg. Capsule: Gelatin; Sorbitol syrup; Glycerin.


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