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Hirudoid Cream

Hirudoid Cream
Product Use : Hirudoid Cream for bruises and swelling, treatment of scars and various inflammatory conditions of the veins.
Classification : General Health Product

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1 tube of Hirudoid Cream 40g USD $33.00
2 tubes of Hirudoid Cream 40g USD $65.06
3 tubes of Hirudoid Cream 40g USD $96.45
5 tubes of Hirudoid Cream 40g USD $159.20
Information - Hirudoid Cream

Hirudoid contains a special ingredient called MPS (mucopolysaccharide) which helps improve the appearance of bruises, prevents inflammation and relieves pain & tension in the affected area. Hirudoid is used for haematomas, softening of hard scars and inflamed veins. Your skin relies on the presence of MPS in the tissue. The effectiveness of any skin cream depends on its absorption and scientific studies have shown that the MPS in Hirudoid penetrates the skin and is able to reach the dermal layers in effective concentrations.


Unless otherwise directed by a doctor, apply a 3 to 5 cm ribbon of Hirudoid Cream to the affected area ONCE or TWICE a day as required. Gently massage Hirudoid Cream into the skin until absorbed. If the area being treated is extensive or particularly painful, spread Hirudoid Cream on it cautiously and cover with a dressing soaked with Hirudoid Cream. It is a good idea to massage Hirudoid Cream around the edge of the affected area. For the loosening of hard scars, Hirudoid Cream should be massaged in firmly.


Heparinoid (Mucopolysaccharide Polysulfuric Acid Ester) Bovine 3mg/g

Important Notes

For external use only. Not to be used concurrently with Warfarin. Avoid applying to bleeding or infected areas. Avoid contact with the eyes


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