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Go Healthy Magnesium

Go Healthy Magnesium
Product Use : GO MAGNESIUM 800 contains four forms of Magnesium to increase absorption and bioavailability. GO Magnesium 800 is a powerful Magnesium formula that helps to relax muscles and nervous tension.
Classification : General Health Product
1 bottle of Go Healthy Magnesium 60 capsulesUSD $30.60
2 bottles of Go Healthy Magnesium 120 capsulesUSD $60.34
3 bottles of Go Healthy Magnesium 180 capsulesUSD $89.61
5 bottles of Go Healthy Magnesium 300 capsulesUSD $147.80
Information - Go Healthy Magnesium

Deficiency of Magnesium can result in: muscle spasms, muscular weakness, lethargy, insomnia, depression, mental confusion, decreased attention span, irritability. Magnesium loss can occur in a variety of situations including: loss due to stress, drug interactions, alcohol use, excessive sweating during exercise, dietary deficiency, chronic diarrhoea.


Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily. Can be taken anytime, with food or on an empty stomach. To promote a restful sleep, take before bed. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.


Magnesium aspartate (equiv. Magnesium 20mg) 100mg, Magnesium amino acid chelate (equiv. Magnesium 20mg) 100mg, Magnesium citrate (equiv. Magnesium 20mg) 100mg, Magnesium oxide (equiv. Magnesium 300mg) 500mg

Important Notes
Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Always read the label. Take only as directed.


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