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Product Use : Efanatal will supply you and your baby with LCP's, to help specifically with better eye and brain function.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Efamol
1 bottle of Efanatal 180 capsulesUSD $81.90
2 bottles of Efanatal 360 capsulesUSD $161.42
3 bottles of Efanatal 540 capsulesUSD $239.64
5 bottles of Efanatal 900 capsulesUSD $395.20
Information - Efanatal

Efanatal is the first dietary supplement formulated to help provide the long chain polyunsaturated acids (LCP's) Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Arachidonic acid (AA) which are known to be important to both mother and baby before and during pregnancy as well as whilst breastfeeding. It also provides GLA which can be converted to AA in the body. Studies suggest that boosting levels of LCP's via the diet during pregnancy can result in significantly better eye and brain function in the young infant, with no adverse effects. The mother, like her baby, needs LCP's for all aspects of her health. Also a mother's brain size may reduce by between 2-3% during pregnancy, possibly because of an inadequate dietary supplies of LCP's, leading to a redirection of available LCP's to the foetus. Ensuring adequate supplies of the relevant LCP's in the diet prior to conception and during the pregnancy can help counter this process. Similarly, breastfeeding can deplete a mother's own stores of all LCP's as it passes to her infant via breast milk. AA is required for normal transmission of messages along nerves and memory. DHA is required as a building block of normal nerve cells and eye membranes. Studies show that mothers diets deficient in DHA are often linked with low head circumference, low placental weight and low baby birth weight. Since LCP's are important for a wide variety of cell functions and overall health (especially hormonal function with the bonus of a soft, smooth skin), it is important to ensure that her access to a plentiful supply is not comprised. Other factors, such as stress from sleepless nights, poor diet and hormonal imbalance, can also effect this supply. It has been shown that DHA may also assist with alleviating post natal depression and mood changes.


Dosage: Adult - Take 2-3 capsules daily with meals, or s directed by your physician. Children under 3 years - Pierce 1-2 capsules and mix contents with food or drink. Suitable for not only the expectant mother, but also for male partners prior to conception. Can be taken in conjunction with folic acid.


Active Ingredients per capsule: Rigel Evening primrose oil (EPO) 270mg (equiv. Gamma-linolenic Acid (GLA) 30mg) High DHA Fish Oil 280mg (equiv. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 62mg (equiv. Arachidonic Acid (AA) 5mg), dl-Alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) 7.8mg. Non active components: Gelatin and Glycerol. Low allergy formula: Free of salicylates, amines, sugars, yeast, milk derivatives, wheat, corn, starch, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavours.

Important Notes

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients contained in this formulation. This product is safe to take during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.


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