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Comvita Propolis

Comvita Propolis
Product Use : Comvita Propolis Capsules is a strong antioxidant, providing a powerful support to your immune system and help as a liver tonic.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Comvita
1 bottle of Comvita Propolis 250mg 100 capsulesUSD $72.60
2 bottles of Comvita Propolis 250mg 200 capsulesUSD $143.04
3 bottles of Comvita Propolis 250mg 300 capsulesUSD $212.49
5 bottles of Comvita Propolis 250mg 500 capsulesUSD $350.35
Information - Comvita Propolis

Comvita Propolis Capsules are the best 'taste-free' way to take large doses of premium New Zealand Propolis. Take as a powerful support to your immune system, a liver tonic or for their strong antioxidant activity. "Nature's Best Defence" Comvita Bee Propolis helps prepare your body to prevent illness. Propolis is one of the earliest bee products used by as a medicine, with historical documents from the 4th century, revealing that Hippocrates practised apitherapy by recommending propolis as a treatment. Comvita propolis comes from unspoilt areas of New Zealand where specific deciduous trees, such as Poplar, Willow and Birch, produce natural sap and resins with high levels of flavonoids to defend buds and broken limbs from infection. Honey bees gather the resins and add their own special substances to make propolis, which they use to protect the hive. Thus propolis is known as 'nature's best defence'. Propolis is a powerful antiseptic agent and is unfailing in its ability to initiate the body's own immune defences, inhibiting the spread of unwanted disease. Propolis has a cleansing effect on the bloodstream, dispensing unwanted bacteria and fungal parasites and significantly reduces symptoms arising from environmental toxins and food allergens. Rich in natural bioflavonoids, Propolis also works to maximise the effects of Vitamin C. Propolis is thought to strengthen the cell walls of mucous membranes, which are potential sites of entry for invasive substances. This makes it a safe, natural cleanser suitable for all ages.


Use as directed.


Each capsule contains the equivalent of 15 drops of Comvita Propolis Extract.


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