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Clinicians Bladder Support Powder

Clinicians Bladder Support Powder
Product Use : Provides nutrient support for healthy bladder function
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Clinicians
1 bottle of Clinicians Bladder Support Powder 50g USD $49.30
2 bottles of Clinicians Bladder Support Powder 50g USD $97.12
3 bottles of Clinicians Bladder Support Powder 50g USD $144.09
5 bottles of Clinicians Bladder Support Powder 50g USD $237.90
Information - Clinicians Bladder Support Powder

The urinary tract is usually quite resistant to bacterial imbalances because the low pH of urine, presence of urea and constant urine flow helps to retard the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria. Chronic recurring bladder imbalances are generally problematic to treat. Determining the underlying cause is important for a successful outcome. Structural abnormalities and environmental and dietary factors such as excessive sugar consumption, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and infections should all be considered. In addition, incomplete emptying of the bladder (age-related), immobility, indequate fluid intake and bowel incontinence may also contribute to the development of imbalances. A significant feature of recurrent bladder imbalances is the adherence of harmful bacteria to the wall or lining of the urinary tract, including the kidneys and bladder. Sometimes these bacteria can be removed through the process of urination but large volumes of bacteria may be hard to remove this way and this leads to recurrent symptoms. Most natural therapies target this build-up of harmful bacteria and support the body's removal of them. Bladder Support D-Mannose (formerly known as CystoCare) all natural powder supports normal, healthy bladder and urinary tract function.(dmannose)


Adults (12 years and older): Take 2 level 1.25ml metric teaspoonfuls in water every 2 to 3 hours during waking hours for 48 hours. As maintenance, take half to one measure daily. Children (under 12 years): Take 1 level 1.25ml measure in water every 2 to 3 hours during waking hours, for 48 hours. As maintenance, take half a measure daily.


Active Ingredients in 2 level 1.25ml metric spoonsful: D-Mannose 1500 mg

Important Notes

Diabetics: The D-Mannose in Clinicians Bladder Support is not metabolized or used by the body to produce energy, it may however cause a small transient increase in blood sugar levels, which should rapidly return to normal after the individual has ceased taking this product. When to consider antibiotics: If symptoms do not show significant improvement within 24-48 hours (10% of cases) when taking Clinicians Bladder Support, the bacteria E.coli may not be the cause, consult a health professional as antibiotic therapy may be required. Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Considered safe and well tolerated to use during these times.


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