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Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g)

Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g)
Product Use : Chlorsig Eye Ointment can be used to treat Bacterial Conjunctivitis and other superficial eye infections caused by bacterial infection Chlorsig (Chloramphenicol) is a wide ranging antibiotic prescribed for a wide variety of bacterial eye infections such as conjunctivitis. It is an ointment which is applied to the eye(s), and can be used alone or with other medication, as directed by your doctor.
Classification : OTC Pharmacist Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Please note this product is a "Pharmacist Only" medicine. Before we can supply this product we are required to ask some standard questions, for review by our pharmacist, to ensure this is the correct product for your health needs.
1 tube of Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g) USD $5.90
2 tubes of Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g) USD $11.70
3 tubes of Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g) USD $17.34
5 tubes of Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g) USD $28.50
Information - Chlorsig Eye Ointment - 1% (4g)

Chloramphenicol is a broad spectrum antibiotic originally isolated from Streptomyces venezuelae. It is primarily bacteriostatic and acts by inhibition of protein synthesis by interfering with the transfer of activated amino acids from soluble RNA to ribosomes.


Chlorsig is for use on the eyes only. Dose as prescribed by your doctor. Never change your dosage unless instructed to do so by a health care professional. Chlorsig is normally used at two to four hour intervals. Open your eyes, and squeeze out a strip of ointment along your eyelid, and blink to ensure the ointment covers your eye. You vision may be blurry immediately after application, but do not worry, this will only last momentarily. Your eyes may also be sore, but this will also not last long. As with all antibiotics it is very important you finish the course of medication you have been prescribed. Finishing early can result in relapses of the infection.


Chloramphenicol 10mg/g in a sterile oculentum base. Preservative free.


Important Notes

Before you start this medication always disclose you full medical history, and details of any allergies, and medication you are taking or have recently taken, including over the counter drugs and recreational drugs. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, of if you have had: Any eye conditions Low magnesium or potassium levels Any abnormal blood cell condition in your family's medical history.When using Chlorsig: Do not use contact lenses If you are diabetic, your body's sugar levels may be affected by this medication, so take additional care and discuss with your doctor if there is anything you should do differently Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery soon after use Notify your doctor if your condition is not improving after several days of use.


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