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Product Use : For the prevention of secondary bacterial infections associated with cold and flu.
Classification : OTC Pharmacist Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Buccaline
Please note this product is a "Pharmacist Only" medicine. Before we can supply this product we are required to ask some standard questions, for review by our pharmacist, to ensure this is the correct product for your health needs.
1 packet of Buccaline 7 tabletsUSD $15.20
2 packets of Buccaline 14 tabletsUSD $29.94
3 packets of Buccaline 21 tabletsUSD $44.46
5 packets of Buccaline 35 tabletsUSD $73.35
Information - Buccaline

For the prevention of secondary bacterial infections associated with cold and flu. For oral anti-bacterial prophylaxis of complications of colds.  Buccaline Berna provides active immunisation against bacterial colds.  Illnesses of the upper respiratory are often caused by bacterial infections.  Viral and influenza-like illnesses are frequently made worse by an additional bacterial infections and take longer to recover from.  Immunology investigations show that Buccaline Berna significantly improves resistance to colds and flu.


The tablets should be swallowed whole with liquid, preferably one hour prior to breakfast or lunch.

Children below the age of 7 years take 1 tablet on the first and second days and then 2 tablets on the third day.

Children over 7 years and adults take 1 tablet on the first day, 2 tablets on the second day and 4 tablets on the third day.


Each tablet contains:

  • 1000 million Pneumococcus I, II, III
  • 1000 million Streptococcus : 1000 million Staphylococcus
  • 1500 million. Haemophilus influenzea
  • 25mg Fel Bovis sicc
  • Sacchar lact.g. s.

Important Notes

WARNING: Buccaline Berna is not a substitute for an influenza (or flu) vaccine.

To protect against catching influenza we recommend that you get an influenza (or flu) vaccine from your family doctor. This may be subsidised for some people, including those who are older than 65 years or those who suffer from a chronic disease such as asthma.


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