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Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test

Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test
Product Use : An easy-to-use visual test to detect elevated levels of antibodies to Cat dander and epithelia ( skin cells).
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : AFT Pharmaceuticals
1 box of Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test USD $26.30  
2 boxes of Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test USD $51.84  
3 boxes of Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test USD $76.83  
5 boxes of Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test USD $126.90  
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Information - Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test

Suffering from allergies may be easier to give solutions to if we know what is the cause. Most often than not the best solution to an allergy is to avoid the allergen or the very reason for the allergy attack. But this may be a tough call wherein a trial and error process is the most possible way to do it. It's a great thing that Biomerica has created some testing kits that will help mothers know if their children are specifically allergic to cat or dog dander. Biomerica Cat Allergy Screening Test is a simple visual test that can be done at home. It comes with it a step-by-step guide on how to do it so there is no room for mistakes and wastage.


First, you must wipe the finger that you will prick with alcohol swab. Second, you prick the tip of the designated finger and squeeze the blood towards the tip of the finger. It may help if you will use the stick device to press firmly against the finger to stimulate blood flow. Third, you must squeeze the finger to get the appropriate amount of blood drippings. Fourth, hold the dropper horizontally in order to get the blood to flow in the dropper along to the line. Fift, you must transfer the blood from the dropper to the test device's sample well. Then wait for 90 seconds. Sixth, you must add 5 drops of the test solution to the hole that has been marked D in the test device.

Important Notes

You must only use the product as directed so it is essential that you read the label for any specific instructions. The results are only indicative and not conclusive so it is strongly advised that you make a follow-up appointment with your doctor for further discussions. You must read the result exactly 15 minutes after testing. If you read it after 20 minutes, the result is considered invalid.


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