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Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine

Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine
Product Use : Anyone who is experiencing joint pain may experience relief with Thompsonís Ultra Glucosamine.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Thompsons Nutrition
1 container of Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine 1500mg 45 tabletsUSD $30.10
2 containers of Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine 1500mg 90 tabletsUSD $59.44
3 containers of Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine 1500mg 135 tabletsUSD $88.23
5 containers of Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine 1500mg 225 tabletsUSD $145.55
Information - Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine

Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine 1500mg - 45 tablets

Anyone who is experiencing joint pain may experience relief with Thompsonís ULTRA Glucosamine.

Joint pain can be due to decreased production of Glucosamine as we age or in the physically active due to the damage incurred by injuries. Sports people and those with joint pain may benefit from ULTRA Glucosamine to improve mobility, help maintain healthy cartilage, reduce wear and tear on joints and ease discomfort.

Osteoarthritis (OA), a chronic and painful condition, is the most common of all joint diseases. It was previously thought to be a progressive, degenerative disorder, but it is now known that a reversal of the disease can occur. Glucosamine is required for healthy joint cartilage as it is a component of cartilage as well as stimulating repair. As we age, our production of glucosamine declines and some people are likely to experience symptoms such as joint tenderness and impaired mobility. Supplementing with Glucosamine has been shown to alleviate sore joints and impaired mobility. There is also evidence that glucosamine can, over a longer period, reduce joint narrowing, indicating the slowing of joint deterioration. Unlike some pharmaceutical alternatives, Glucosamine does not cause damage to the stomach lining or kidney toxicity. Boron is an important mineral also needed for healthy bones and joints. In most parts of New Zealand and Australia, our estimated intake of Boron is less than 3 mg per day resulting in arthritic symptoms being seen in many elderly people in the population. ULTRA Glucosamine with Boron contains 1500mg of Glucosamine hydrochloride. This is a clinically proven therapeutic dose in just one tablet a day.


Adults Ė Take one tablet a day with food or as professionally prescribed.


Each tablet of Thompsons Ultra Glucosamine contains Glucosamine Hydrochloride 1500 mg Boron 3 mg

Important Notes

Glucosamine has minimal side effects, no drug interactions and is particularly suitable for long-term usage for joint health. Due to lack of safety research, Glucosamine should not be taken while pregnant, unless advised by your health professional. ULTRA Glucosamine is derived from shellfish so shellfish allergy sufferers should use with caution.


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