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Slimshots Mini-shots

Slimshots Mini-shots
Product Use : SlimShots can help reduce calorific intake by nearly a third.
Classification : General Health Product

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1 packet of Slimshots Mini-shots 7.5ml 30 mini shotsUSD $54.20  
2 packets of Slimshots Mini-shots 7.5ml 60 mini shotsUSD $106.86  
3 packets of Slimshots Mini-shots 7.5ml 90 mini shotsUSD $158.70  
5 packets of Slimshots Mini-shots 7.5ml 150 mini shotsUSD $261.80  
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Information - Slimshots Mini-shots

SlimShots can help reduce calorific intake by nearly a third. Lower intake of calories means it is easier to manage your weight.
SlimShots are effective from the very first day and can help reduce hunger by up to eight hours. Consequently, SlimShots helps you moderate your eating habits, reduce portion size and resist the temptation to graze or snack between meals. SlimShots makes it easier to manage your weight.
100% Natural SlimShots has an established safety profile and is ideal companion to other weight management programmes.
SlimShots is an innovative product scientifically formulated to help reduce calorie intake and manage weight, from the very first day.


Depending on your requirements, take SlimShots twice a day - one with breakfast and one with lunch, to experience greater satiety. Clinical studies show that SlimShots become more effective for some people when taken twice a day.

Response rates to SlimShots can vary from person to person depending on different factors such as body weight. Ideally, one shot (7.5ml) container should be taken with breakfast and one with lunch to experience greater satiety.

SlimShots come in mini-shots - each small container is one 7.5ml dose. SlimShots are convenient and can be popped into your handbag or briefcase or kept in a drawer at work. SlimShots are easy to take. You can take SlimShots straight up or add to coffee, tea, yoghurt or cereal. You can mix SlimShots with any meal in the way that suits you best.


Slim-Shots is a 100% natural product made from a patent protected creamy liquid of water, palm oil and oats. SlimShots contains no artificial ingredients.

SlimShots contain no animal products and are suitable for vegetarians.

Important Notes

SlimShots should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and be viewed as part of a sustainable food and weight management regime.


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