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Skinoren Acne Cream

Skinoren Acne Cream
Product Use : Skinoren Cream contains Azelaic Acid for the effective treatment of acne problems of all stages.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Schering Plough
1 tube of Skinoren Acne Cream 30g USD $23.20
2 tubes of Skinoren Acne Cream 30g USD $45.76
3 tubes of Skinoren Acne Cream 30g USD $67.95
5 tubes of Skinoren Acne Cream 30g USD $112.10
Information - Skinoren Acne Cream

Skinoren is used to treat acne. When applied onto the skin, the azelaic acid in Skinoren destroys the bacteria that cause acne. Also SkinorenCream stops the acne relevant skin cells from growing too strongly and thus blocking the pores of the skin to form pimples.


Before Skinoren Cream is applied, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with clear water or, if applicable, a mild skin-cleansing agent. Skinoren Cream should be applied gently to the affected areas of skin twice a day (morning and evening). Skinoren Cream should be applied reasonably generously; however, excessive amounts of cream must be avoided (approximately 1 inch of cream is sufficient for the entire facial area). In the event of excessive irritation of the skin, the amount of cream per application should be reduced or the frequency of use of Skinoren Cream should be reduced to once a day until the irritation ceases. Treatment might have to be temporarily interrupted for a few days. It is important to continue to use Skinoren Cream regularly over the entire period of treatment. The duration of use of Skinoren Cream can vary from person to person and also depends on the severity of the skin disorder. In acne, a distinct improvement becomes apparent after about 4 weeks. To obtain the best results, however, Skinoren should be used regularly over several months.


Skinoren Cream contains 20% Azelaic acid (i.e. 1g of Skinoren Cream contains 200mg of Azelaic acid). Skinoren Cream also contains Arlatone 983S, cutina CBS, cetearyl octanoate, propylene glycol, glycerol 85%, benzoic acid.

Important Notes

Local skin irritations such as redness, scaling, itching, stinging or burning, can occur at the start of treatment. This usually goes as treatment continues. Discolouration of the skin has also been observed. If marked skin irritation persists, the treatment should be stopped until the irritation goes, and you should ask your doctor or pharmacist before recommencing.


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