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Skincalm Cream 0.5%

Skincalm Cream 0.5%
Product Use : For contact dermatitis from allergies or irritants and for skin reactions to insect bites
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Reckitt Benckiser
1 tube of Skincalm Cream 0.5% 30g USD $14.30  
2 tubes of Skincalm Cream 0.5% 30g USD $28.28  
3 tubes of Skincalm Cream 0.5% 30g USD $41.94  
5 tubes of Skincalm Cream 0.5% 30g USD $69.15  
This product is currently out of stock. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back at a later date.
Information - Skincalm Cream 0.5%

Skincalm Cream helps to soothe and calm irritated skin, while reducing inflammation and encouraging healing. Skincalm is great for treating contact dermatitis caused by perfumed products, insect bites, or household products. Skincalm does this because it contains a steroid (hydrocortisone acetate) as the active ingredient. Skincalm cream is also fragrance free and non greasy.


Use sparingly on a small area, once or twice a day, for a maximum of 7 days.

Active Ingredient

0.5% hydrocortisone

Important Notes

Avoid prolonged use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use if pregnant or under 2 years old unless advised by your doctor.


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