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Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive

Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive
Product Use : Seabond Denture Adhesive provides uniform adhesive distribution.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Combe Incorporated

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1 packet of Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive 30 stripsUSD $21.90
2 packets of Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive 60 stripsUSD $43.16
3 packets of Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive 90 stripsUSD $64.08
5 packets of Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive 150 stripsUSD $105.65
Information - Seabond Upper Denture Adhesive

The powerful adhesives in Sea-Bond are in a wafer thin carrier to provide uniform adhesive distribution. Totally unlike pastes and powders, Sea-Bond is tasteless, odourless, can't ooze out. Peels off easily, no messy cleanups with SeaBond.
Sea-Bond has a special adhesive from the sea plant, kelp - plus another adhesive for all day security. Unlike adhesives which weaken in moisture, the adhesive power of Sea-Bond is activated and strengthened by the natural fluids in the mouth.


Keeps your denture secure all day


Active Ingredient: kelp


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