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Reducta Chewing Gum

Reducta Chewing Gum
Product Use : Reducta Hunger Management Chewing Gum helps you reduce your appetite
Classification : General Health Product
1 box of Reducta Chewing Gum USD $35.70
2 boxes of Reducta Chewing Gum USD $70.22
3 boxes of Reducta Chewing Gum USD $104.43
5 boxes of Reducta Chewing Gum USD $172.15
Information - Reducta Chewing Gum

Reducta Chewing Gum is specially formulated with Satiereal a special extract of one of the world’s most exotic spices saffron.Satiereal In a preliminary study, Satiereal underwent research in 2010 and found it can help decrease snacking by half. If you eat less, you have a higher chance of reaching your weight loss goals. Reduce diet-disaster snacking. The secret weapon in your pocket, purse or desk drawer, Reducta Chewing Gum helps reduce your urge to snack, so you’re less likely to give in to the morning and afternoon cravings. Reducta Chewing Gum is a helpful addition to any weight management strategy that includes healthy eating and exercise.


To reduce meal portion size & appetite: If you find it difficult to manage your appetite, chew 2 pieces of gum 30 minutes before 2 main meals. To reduce snacking: Chew 1-2 pieces of gum during your 'danger' time, such as pre-morning tea, post-afternoon tea, late night snacking or when you need that "sweet fix". To reduce post exercise hunger: Exercise can make you hungry. If you have been working out, don't undo all the good you've done with post exercise snacks and a sugar fix. Chew 1 to 2 pieces of gum to help control that craving. To use in conjunction with Reducta Tablets: If you are using Reducta Hunger Reduction Tablets morning and night, you can chew 1-2 gums as required during the day to avoid those in between snacks.


Each Gum contains: Xylitol (E967), Gum base [contains Soy Lecithin (E322) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (E320)], Sorbitol (E420), Mannitol(E421), Acacia Gum (E414), Flavours, Talc (E553B), Satiereal® Saffron (E164), Starch Sodium Octenyl Succinate (E1450), Titanium Dioxide (E171), Silicon Dioxide (E551), Magnesium Stearate (E470B), Aspartame (E951), Carnauba Wax (E903), Maltodextrin (E1400), Acesulfame K (E950), Sucralose (E955).


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