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Nicorette Inhalator

Nicorette Inhalator
Product Use : Nicorette Inhalator is used for the relief of withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking and helps prevents relapse to smoking.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Johnson and Johnson

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1 box of Nicorette Inhalator 15mg 4 cartridges & 1 inhalerUSD $14.50
2 boxes of Nicorette Inhalator 15mg 8 cartridges & 1 inhalerUSD $28.58
3 boxes of Nicorette Inhalator 15mg 12 cartridges & 1 inhalerUSD $42.42
5 boxes of Nicorette Inhalator 15mg 20 cartridges & 1 inhalerUSD $69.90
Information - Nicorette Inhalator

New Nicorette Inhalator! The new Nicorette Inhalator replaces the old Nicorette Inhaler. The new Nicorette Inhalator contains 15mg of nicotine so the cartridges last twice as long (about 40 minutes) versus the old 10mg cartridge!

Please Note:  The New Nicorette Inhalator Cartridges are compatible with the old Nicorette Inhalator Mouthpiece. 

The Nicorette Inhalator is a type of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). It helps the smoker quit by relieving the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and by alleviating their desire to smoke. The Nicorette Inhalator can assist smokers who need to stop smoking temporarily, such as on a long-haul flight. It also helps smokers who cannot, or will not, quit smoking to smoke less by providing periods when they can abstain from smoking. The inhalator enables the smoker to satisfy their physiological craving for nicotine and reaches its full effectiveness after approximately 30 minutes. It allows the user to recreate the action of smoking and gives them something to do with their hands. This may not seem important but some smokers who try to quit really miss the physical habit of lifting a cigarette to and from the mouth.

While the Nicorette Inhalator may look like a plastic cigarette, it is quite different. The inhaler only delivers nicotine to the mouth and not the lungs. The nicotine that does enter the system through this method is absorbed much more slowly than it is by smoking cigarettes. In this way it provides enough nicotine to the body to overcome the unpleasantness of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are often exhibited as irritability and anxiety, mood swings, mild depression, trouble sleeping or concentrating. These are part of the reason why many smokers find it so difficult to quit.

The inhalator is a great choice for those who are not enamoured of the thought of chewing NRT gum but who also want something more flexible than NRT patches. The Nicorette Inhalator can be used whenever a nicotine craving hits and, when combined with a strong desire to quit smoking, increases the chances of giving up smoking completely.


The Nicorette Inhalator is intended to be used for a period of at least three months in order to give you the best chance to quit smoking. If you stop using the inhaler before the 12 weeks are up you will still find your body craving nicotine and may still experience the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It is during this time that you are most likely to start smoking again. It does, however, depend on the individual. The more you used to smoke during a day then the greater your chances of experiencing symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

You should use the inhalator whenever you feel the urge to smoke. In this regard, you can puff on the inhalator the same way that you would a cigarette. Do not use more than 12 cartridges per day.

After about 40 twenty minutes of use, either with deep inhalation or shallow puffing, you will have used up all the nicotine in the cartridge and it should be replaced. You can expect to feel relief from nicotine cravings around half an hour after you start an inhalator session.



Each cartridge contains Nicotine 15mg. Inactive Ingredients: Menthol is added as flavour.


Important Notes

  • Do not use more than 12 cartridges per day.
  • Children under 12 years of age should not use the Nicorette Inhalator.
  • You should not use Nicorette Inhalator if you are a non-smoker.
  • It is not for use by those who are pregnant or intend to become pregnant.
  • You should not use the Nicorette Inhalator if you have recently had a stroke or heart attack, or suffer from heart disease, including palpitations and uncontrolled angina.
  • Nicorette Inhalators are not suitable for use by people who are allergic to nicotine or sensitive to menthol.
  • Nicorette Inhalators should be used with caution if you have asthma or chronic throat diseases.
  • Caution should also be taken if you have gastritis, duodenal or gastric ulcers, irregular heartbeat, hypertension, or peripheral vascular disease.


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