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Product Use : NicoBloc is a unique stop smoking aid.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Douglas Pharmaceuticals
1 packet of NicoBioc USD $75.00  
2 packets of NicoBioc USD $147.74  
3 packets of NicoBioc USD $219.33  
5 packets of NicoBioc USD $361.75  
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Information - NicoBioc
NicoBloc is a unique stop smoking aid which allows smokers to reduce and cease their consumption of cigarettes at a controlled pace. NicoBloc prepares the smoker to stop smoking by weaning them off nicotine over a period of weeks thus making the final break easier and more likely to succeed. You are not required to stop smoking on day one and can therefore avoid the major withdrawal symptoms commonly associated with quitting. Nor do they have to dramatically alter their lifestyle of behaviour patterns. NicoBloc works by applying a drop of NicoBloc fluid to the filter of a cigarette immediately prior to smoking. This NicoBloc fluid creates a viscous barrier which traps a proportion of the nicotine and tar in the filter preventing these chemicals from entering the body but without noticeably changing the taste or smoking experience. As you receive a reduced amount of nicotine the addiction is gradually weakened and eventually broken. After a few weeks, most smokers have reduced their addiction and cigarette consumption to a level where they can quit comfortably. NicoBlocs research has shown that NicoBloc used as part of a gradual reduction programme, helped reduce the cigarette consumption over a period of six weeks at which time it became easier to quit completely. This timing allows the body to adjust to physical changes that occur during the nicotine withdrawal period. Details of the recommended reduction programme are given in the instruction booklet included in each NicoBloc pack. The NicoBloc pack comes with a FREE CD-Rom, personal smoking record, and application for a free nicotine test. NicoBloc has an average of 700 drops, which is approximately 2 weeks supply for a 20-a-day smoker


Week One 1 drop per cigarette

Week Two 2 drops per cigarette

Week Three 3 drops per cigarette


Each NicoBloc pack contains NicoBloc Fluid (FDA food grade formulation: Corn Syrup, Water, Citric Acid, permitted Preservative and Colouring).

Contains on average: 2 weeks supply for a 20-a-day smoker

Also contains an instruction booklet, CD-Rom animated version of booklet, Nicotine Test Kit voucher

Important notes

Not to be taken internally.


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