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Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel

Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel
Product Use : Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel is an advanced patented natural moisturising gel for cracked and dry skin.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Nemidon
1 tube of Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel 120g USD $16.00  
2 tubes of Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel 120g USD $31.46  
3 tubes of Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel 120g USD $46.74  
5 tubes of Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel 120g USD $77.15  
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Information - Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel

A ground breaking, Patented approach to essential hydration of dry and cracked skin. Ultra-hydrating gel is a NEUTRAL gel manufactured from seaweed colloids that assists the care and treatment of dry skin conditions. Ultra Hydration Gel is NOT an oily material placed on top of the skin to block water (and sweat) from escaping. Instead, Ultra Hydration Gel provides the appropriate moisture levels to prevent the loss of water from the skin proteins in dry air, yet permits excess water to flow through skin pores thereby allowing it to breathe. Skin is left clean, dry and hydrated, sweat and water can pass in and out. Double blind studies show that ULTRA-HYDRATION GEL has the ability to deposit large amounts of water onto the skin with a long lasting effect. RAPID HYDRATION - Hydrates the skin keeping it soft and flexible. Assists in the prevention of cracked dry skin. Maintaining good skin integrity assists in preventing fungal and bacterial infections. This product is also useful for softening hardened toe and finger nails before cutting.


A Unique and Economical use . Apply to affected area twice daily until skin integrity improves then reduce to once every second day. Please note that the gel will absorb very quickly - it is supposed to, there is no need to constantly reapply. Use as directed. When skin integrity starts to improve old dry skin can exfoliate or shed. Keep using the product as directed on label.


Active Ingredient: Manufactured from seaweed colloids.


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