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Naturo Pharm Wartoff

Naturo Pharm Wartoff
Product Use : Naturo Pharma Wartoff assists the body's normal immune response in fighting viral infections like common warts.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Naturo Pharm

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1 bottle of Naturo Pharm Wartoff 10ml USD $22.30
2 bottles of Naturo Pharm Wartoff 10ml USD $43.92
3 bottles of Naturo Pharm Wartoff 10ml USD $65.22
5 bottles of Naturo Pharm Wartoff 10ml USD $107.90
Information - Naturo Pharm Wartoff

Naturo Pharm Wartoff Paint for common warts that generally occur on the hands, knees and feet. For best results use with Wartoff tablets. Wartoff has been formulated to assist in the pain-free removal of common warts. Wartoff uses a two-step approach to the age-old problem of common warts - no cutting, burning or freezing is involved. Wartoff oral preparations work internally by stimulating the body in remove the wart virus thus helping prevent any further warts appearing. Wartoff paint should be applied to existing warts and will help to dry and remove them. Please be aware that it will take at least 6-8 weeks to respond to this treatment.


Apply the paint to the wart twice a day. Should be used in conjunction with Wart off tablets for best results.


Wart off paint contains the tinctures Thuja and Sempervivum.

Important Notes

Keep out of reach of children


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