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Product Use : Naprogesic has been made especially for period pain.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Roche
1 strip of Naprogesic 12 tabletsUSD $16.30
2 strips of Naprogesic 24 tabletsUSD $32.08
3 strips of Naprogesic 36 tabletsUSD $47.64
5 strips of Naprogesic 60 tabletsUSD $78.65
Information - Naprogesic

Naprogesic has been made especially for period pain. It reduces the amount of prostaglandins produced, which reduces contractions and therefore reduces pain. If you experience period pain within a couple of years of getting your periods, then the cause of period pain is most probably tiny molecules called prostaglandins. When you have your period these are released to help the muscles of your uterus contract so it can expel its lining. The strength of contractions depends on the amount of prostaglandins your body produces. If your body produces a lot of these molecules, or if you are particularly sensitive to them, they will cause you pain.


At the first stage of period pain or menstrual bleeding (whichever occurs first), take 2 tablets, with food, then followed by one tablet every 6-8 hours as required. The total daily dosage should not exceed 5 tablets.


Each tablet contains Naproxen Sodium 275mg

Important notes

Consult your doctor if you have a history of the following, or are taking any other medication: High blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, gastro-intestinal ulcers, asthma. If you are hypersensitive to apirin or anti-inflammatory medications, or are currently taking an anti-inflammatory medication, do not take naprogesic. If you are currently taking anti-coagulant therapy, do not take naprogesic. Not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.


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