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Lice Blaster Lotion

Lice Blaster Lotion
Product Use : For the control of human head lice & nits in adults & children
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
1 bottle of Lice Blaster Lotion 250ml USD $29.90  
2 bottles of Lice Blaster Lotion 250ml USD $58.98  
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5 bottles of Lice Blaster Lotion 250ml USD $144.40  
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Information - Lice Blaster Lotion

LiceBlaster is a major new development in the fight against resistant head lice. In clinical trails, LiceBlaster killed lice when nothing else could.
LiceBlaster is natural. It contains organically grown herbs and 100% pure essential oils and leaves the hair glistening with health.

In recent clinical trials conducted with James Cook University in Townsville, resistance to Lice Blaster has never been seen. In fact, Lice Blaster proved so effective, children who had reportedly suffered with head lice for over 12 months and had used up to 15 different treatments, were lice free after 2 treatments.

It's quite simple to tell if a product is killing lice. If a head lice product works, lice will be dead within 20 minutes. Just apply the treatment as recommended by the manufacturer, leave on for 20 - 30 minutes and comb with a lice comb. Wipe onto a tissue and check if lice are dead.

If head lice show resistance to one product, look to see what the active ingredient is. Instead of purchasing another product with the same active ingredient, choose a product from one of the other three groups. The four groups of active ingredients are herbal, permethrin, pyrethryn, malathion or maldison.

Remember head lice have not shown resistance to LiceBlaster in two years of trials involving over 6,000 students.
A randomised, double-blind, therapeutic trial conducted by Prof Speare in May 2000, produced interesting results when LiceBlaster was tested against a 1% malathion treatment. Of the 2,000 children who were initially involved, 178 children were found to have active infestations of head lice - as classified by the presence of live lice, not just eggs. The head lice product was applied to these students according to the instructions, and was left on the head for 20 minutes, with the process repeated again a week later. The final examination occurred 7 days after the second application of head lice product.


Apply Lice Blaster to roots of DRY hair first (just as you would a hair colour). Once all roots of hair are covered, apply more Lice Blaster to remaining hair. All hair must be completely covered from roots to tips as lice can live anywhere on the hair not just on the scalp Using an ordinary comb, comb the formula down the hair shaft to ensure complete coverage. Leave in hair for 20 minutes. Now comb with a fine tooth comb and wipe combings onto tissue. Examine combings - this will demonstrate the effectiveness of Lice Blaster. You will also notice that the essential oils in Lice Blaster help remove eggs. Rinse off with warm water. REPEAT in 7 days. This is very important as there is no product currently available that will kill all eggs. A second treatment 7 days apart will ensure that any lice that have hatched from eggs will be killed. Lice take 10 days to reproduce so by treating in 7 days you will have killed the lice before they can reproduce It is always recommended that you check the entire family for head lice & treat if necessary.


Each ml contains extract equivalent dry: Adhatoda vasica leaf 200mg, Stemona sessifolia root 200mg, Echinacea purpurea herb fl 40mg, Melaleuca Oil 20mg.

Important Notes

For external use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use and seek further advice from your doctor or pharmacist.


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