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Leuko Pain Relief Spray

Leuko Pain Relief Spray
Product Use : For quick relief of muscular pain and injuries where the skin is unbroken.
Classification : General Health Product
1 aerosol of Leuko Pain Relief Spray 125g USD $19.00  
2 aerosols of Leuko Pain Relief Spray 125g USD $37.40  
3 aerosols of Leuko Pain Relief Spray 125g USD $55.41  
5 aerosols of Leuko Pain Relief Spray 125g USD $91.60  
This product is currently out of stock. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back at a later date.
Information - Leuko Pain Relief Spray

Use Leuko Pain Relief Spray for the relief of minor Burns, insect stings and bruising where skin is unbroken. It can also be used as a surface coolant providing comfort to body areas during athletic activties and in excessively hot conditions.


Hold can at least 15cm away from area to be treated. Direct spray for no longer than 5 second at a time on one area - wait 30 second and repeat. Repeat a third time if necessary. Do not treat the same area more than 3 times a day.



Important Notes

Leuko Pain Relief Spray is not a local anaesthetic and will not mask major pain. If pain persists after treatment and rest, consult a doctor or physiotherapist immediately. Do not deliberately sniff this product. Sniffing may harm or kill you. Do not freeze the skin. Keep away from eyes, nose, mouth, and mucous membranes. Do not spray on open wounds.


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