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Headway Solution

Headway Solution
Product Use : Headway Solution stimulate hair growth in individuals with male and female pattern baldness.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Pacific Pharmaceuticals
1 bottle of Headway Solution 60ml USD $59.00  
2 bottles of Headway Solution 60ml USD $116.12  
3 bottles of Headway Solution 60ml USD $172.59  
5 bottles of Headway Solution 60ml USD $284.60  
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Information - Headway Solution

Headway topical solution contains minoxidil. It has been shown to stimulate hair growth in individuals with male and female pattern baldness. Headway is used for the long-term treatment of common baldness and the slowdown of hair loss. It is not a cure for baldness, but it can improve hair regrowth in some men and women. Exactly how Headway works in the treatment of baldness is not known. The effectiveness of Headway in regrowing hair is variable among patients. Your pharmacist or doctor can best decide whether you are likely to respond to treatment with Headway. If you respond to treatment with Headway your initial regrowth may be soft, downy hair and may hardly be visible. After further treatment, it is likely that your hair regrowth will become the same colour and thickness as the rest of your hair. Headway is a long-term treatment for hair regrowth. If you respond to treatment, you will have to continue using Headway in order to keep the new hair and also to prevent further hair loss. If you stop using Headway, new hair growth will stop and the appearance of your hair will return to how it was before treatment within three to four months.


Apply topically to the scalp twice daily. Morning and night applications work best for most people.


Each spray contains 12.5mg of the active ingredient minoxidil. The liquid also contains alcohol, propylene glycol and purified water.

Important Notes

Do not use if you do not have a family history of hair loss or: Have a sudden and/or unexplained hair loss. Have a red, inflamed, irritated, infected or painful scalp. Have had an allergic reaction to Headway or any of its ingredients. Are under 18 years or over 65 years of age. Tell your doctor or pharmacist before you use if you Have any heart problem.

Please read the enclosed instructions.

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Do not take orally. Avoid contact with eyes. Highly flammable. Keep container tightly closed. Store at or below 25C


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