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Grans Remedy Scented Powder 50g

Grans Remedy Scented Powder 50g

Product Use: To alleviate the problem of smelly feet and footwear.

Classification: General Health Product

Manufacturer: Gran's Remedy



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Full Product Details

Grans Remedy is clinically proven to be the most effective remedy for smelly feet and footwear. Gran's remedy for Smelly Feet and Footwear is a unique blend of powdered chemicals that treats the problem of smelly feet or foot odour, rather than masking it. Half a teaspoon of Gran's Remedy sprinkled in the footwear you use each day, for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up, leaves your feet, shoes and socks odour-free for up to six months. Footwear that you wear intermittently, such as sports shoes, should be treated each time it is worn until the powder is used up.

Why Gran's remedy works? Many people wear the same pair of shoes every day. Their sweat builds up inside the shoes, keeping them moist. This moisture is food for the micro-organisms that live on our skin, and when these organisms break the sweat down, they release acids that cause an offensive smell.

When Gran's Remedy is applied to shoes each day for 7-10 days, it's three active ingredients reduce the numbers of these micro-organisms so their activity can no longer cause a smell. Gran's Remedy knocks the organisms back so much that it takes them months to build up enough to start causing an odour again.


Shake well before use. Place half a teaspoon of powder in each shoe daily for 7-10 days. Only put powder into the shoes worn daily. If necessary, also place in "problem" footwear such as sneakers.


Zinc Oxide, zinc undecylenate, alum

Important Notes

Do not use on open wounds.

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