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Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large)

Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large)
Product Use : Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pad effectively relieves pain and relaxes tight and cramped muscles.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Elastoplast
1 packet of Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large) 2 padsUSD $18.40
2 packets of Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large) 4 padsUSD $36.18
3 packets of Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large) 6 padsUSD $53.82
5 packets of Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large) 10 padsUSD $88.55
Information - Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads (Large)

Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pad heats up to a comfortable temperature to effectively relieve pain and relax tight and cramped muscles.
Its air activated heat delivery system provides deeply penetrating, soothing heat for 8 hours. The heat pad is covered by a soft, skin friendly material and contains natural heating ingredients (i.e iron, charcoal) that react with the oxygen in the air to provide warmth. The flexible pad can be applied directly at the source of muscular pain. It adheres well to the skin and can be easily removed. The pad is odourless and discreet.


The pad should only be applied on clean, dry and unbroken skin. Open the pouch and remove the sealing paper from the pad. Place directly over the painful area and press on firmly.Within 30mins, a comforting and consistent heat level develops. The pad should not be worn for more than 8 hours within any 24hour period. The pad can easily be removed after use. Please note that the adhesion might be reduced by sweating. There are 2 pads in each packet.

Important Notes

As with any heat product, the pad has the potential to cause skin irritation or burns. it is recommended to avoid circumstances that may increase the heat effect(e.g tight clothing, pressure), you should check periodically for skin reactions. if you experience swelling, rash, discomfort or prolonged redness, remove immediately. If you are pregnant, diabetes, poor blood circulation or rheumatoid arthritis, ask your physician before use.

Do not use this pad under the following circumstances: If the covering of the pad is damaged, on broken skin,on bruised or swollen areas, or on body parts where heat cannot be felt. On children or people who cannot remove the pad on their own, Together with medicated creams and ointments or additional sources of heat.

Not re-usable


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