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Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo

Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo
Product Use : Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo is a 100% natural, safe and non-toxic way to repel head lice.
Classification : General Health Product
1 bottle of Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo 250ml USD $15.90  
2 bottles of Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo 250ml USD $31.32  
3 bottles of Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo 250ml USD $46.50  
5 bottles of Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo 250ml USD $76.75  
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Information - Chinese Whispers Headlice Shampoo

Rather than killing lice with toxic chemicals, the Chinese Whispers formula coats the lice in a thin layer of natural oils and extracts that repel and discourage lice from breeding and feeding on the head. This effectively disrupts the cycle and helps effective elimination in one application.


Step 1: Spray Solution onto clean dry hair, massage well and leave in overnight
Step 2: The next morning, comb out with a fine tooth comb. Massage Shampoo into dry hair, wet and rinse out. Do not use conditioner.
Step 3: For the next 7 days, repeat Step 2 as lice may appear while remaining eggs hatch.
Step 4: Continue to use Shampoo on a weekly basis to help prevent re-infestation

For up to 7 days after treatment, it is not uncommon to still see lice that have hatched from remaining eggs. We recommend that you continue to use the Shampoo during this time to help prevent re - infestation.


Cinnamomum cassia, stemona japonica, gleditsia sinessis, azadirachta indica, paenonia moutan, yucca schidigera, curculigo orchioides, ultra pure water, sodium laureth sulphate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cyslomide betaine, cyclomethicone, silk amino acids, essential oils, citric acid, grapefruit extract


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