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Avene Diroseal

Avene Diroseal
Product Use : Avene Diroseal is a product which is suitable for red, sensitive skin including rosacea.
Classification : General Health Product
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Information - Avene Diroseal

Avene Diroseal is a product which is suitable for red, sensitive skin. Red, sensitive skin can be characterised by the following symptoms: An accumulation of fine blood vessels around the nasal area. Watery or irritated eyes. Blotchy red patches on face. A burning or stinging sensation may often occur on the face, as well as a sensation of itchiness and/or tightness. Frequent flushing or blushing is one of the earliest signs of a skin condition labelled Rosacea. Rosacea is characterised by persistent redness around the central face area (nose, forehead, cheeks), with transient bumps and pimples. Rhinophyma, the most advanced stage of Rosacea is chracterised by skin thickening, often resulting in the enlargement of nose from excess tissue. Avene Diroseal is for skin prone to redness including Rosacea and skin with visible capillaries. Avene Diroseal is a new generation anti-redness cream with a duel preventative and corrective effect on localized redness.


Apply a small amount of Diroseal directly on the redness/Rosacea after cleansing with Extremely Gentle Cleanser. If the skin is feeling dry, apply Skin Recovery Cream first and allow to absorb into the skin for about 15mins before applying Diroseal. Use Avene Thermal Spring Water to soothe the skin as often as required.


Active Ingredients: Retinaldehyde C.T helps boost cell metabolism and thicken the upper skin layers, thereby reducing the appearance of redness by making capillaries less visible. H.M.C and Dextran Sulfate are decongesting agents that work to tone the skin's surface micro-circulation, helping prevent the reoccurrence of redness. Avene Thermal Spring Water, with soothing and anti-irritating properties, works from the moment of application to calm the "hot" sensations often experienced by skin which is prone to redness. Avene Diroseal has a gentle, creamy texture which brings immediate comfort and relief. Its green tint (the opposite of red in the chromatic circle) partially neutralizes the skin's high colour. Avene Diroseal should be used for a minimum of three months to experience good results.

Important Notes

Not recommended in pregnancy.


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