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Is your pharmacy and pharmacist fully licenced?
Yes, both our pharmacy and pharmacist are licenced in New Zealand.

Our pharmacist, Jatinder (Jay) Singh Girn is a registered pharmacist with The Pharmacy Council, the legal entity responsible for the registration of pharmacists, the setting of standards for pharmacists' education, scopes of practice and conduct in NZ. For more details, please see Shop with Confidence.


Do I need to supply a prescription with my order?
A prescription is not required as we only supply medicines that are available over-the-counter (OTC) in NZ from this website. A few products are marked as pharamcist only, for these products you will need to answer a few questions for review by our pharmacist to ensure that you have the correct product for your health condition.


Why are some of your medicines a lot cheaper than I can buy them locally?
A combination of the weak NZ dollar and government involvment in the pricing of medicines (through a tendering process) has resulted in prices being driven down to rock bottom levels such that they are out of alignment with most other modern, developed countries. This allows us to offer big savings to our US and European customers. Our prices are typically between 15% to 40% less than the recommended retail price and amongst the lowest on the web.


Will I be getting genuine brand name medication?
Absolutely. If we advertise a product as a brand medicine this is what you will receive, we do not substitute orders for brand medicines with the generic equivalents. Where we are selling a generic medicine we clearly mark these products as generic. It is also importamt to note that some medicines are marketed using different brand names in different parts of the world. In other words the medicines are 100% identical, made by the same manufacturer but have different packaging. An example is an anti-allergic nasal spray, marketed by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline as Flonase in North Amercia and Flixonase in Australasia. These two products are made by the same company and are identical except for the trade name.


Will I have any problems with customs?
You should not expect any problems with customs as we only sell over-the-counter medicines on this website. In the event we become aware of any customs issues with a product we will provide an appropriate caution on that product's order page. In the unlikely event customs withhold your order and we have failed to advise you of this possibility we undertake to provide a full refund.


Which credit cards are accepted?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
All payments are processed through a secure online payments system.


When is my credit card charged?
You card will initially be 'preauthorized' when your order is reviewed by our customer services team just before it is sent to our pharamcist for disptach. We only 'complete' the charge to your credit card once your order has been shipped from the pharmacy.


Does AlivePlusPharmacy charge Sales Tax?
All prices are inclusive of any local sales tax (if applicable).


How is my order delivered?
Please see our shipping information.


Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order providing it has not already been shipped. To cancel your order please contact us ASAP.


Can I return items?
Please see our returns policy.


Do you have an unanswered question?
Please send us an email with your question.


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